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All 8 leagues are now back online


After taking an extended a break in the first half of this season, the alt-3 league tables are now updated daily for all of the usual 8 leagues: Premier L...


Taking a break this season


After 6 years of making and updating the alt-3 tables, I am taking a break from it in order to focus on other projects. There will be no alt-3 tables in the...


An alt-3 table is not a prediction!


On April 19th I made a blog post under the heading Serie A: Napoli and Benevento doing better than the official table shows. At that time, the alt-3 table h...

Wednesday problem is fixed


When I looked last night at the Championship table I realised that — in my rush to get alt-3 back online in the last few days — I had forgotten to include t...

The alt-3 tables are back!


After a long wait, alt-3 is back. For now it’s only England’s Premier League and Championship and Italy’s Serie A that are given the alt-3 treatment for t...



A couple of Championship highlights


The alt-3 EFL Championship table appeared for the first time this week. I hope people will enjoy it! The strength of competition in the Championship keep...

EFL Championship now added to


The alt-3 EFL Championship table appears here for the first time this week. Over the next few weeks I plan to add other major leagues from across Europe. ...


New format for alt-3 league tables


Today’s alt-3 Premier League table is the first one to be presented in a re-designed format. The table itself (i.e., the ordering of teams) is unchanged, as...


New look for the alt-3 table today


In response to various suggestions that people have made, I have today overhauled the appearance of the alt-3 league table. I hope it’s better (I think it ...

Everton and Southampton doing equally badly


Burnley’s win over Newcastle lifts Burnley to 7th, above Watford, in both the ‘official’ league table and also the alt-3 league table. Keen-eyed visitors to...



In yesterday’s blog post I forgot to mention that Liverpool are like Stoke and Everton, in that the current alt-3 league table gives them quite a boost. A ...

It’s all kicking off…


We’re online at last! I have just posted the first of many regular alt-3 league tables. Right now it’s only the English Premier League that’s covered, but...

Presentation at NESSiS this weekend


Really excited to be speaking at this year’s New England Symposium on Statistics in Sports this weekend. It’s a chance to get some good feedback on the al...

Welcome to


At we compute better league tables, for some of the most prominent European football (soccer) leagues. This all comes out of some neat mathematics...