Three new leagues added: Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga

Three new league tables have been added to the alt-3 website this week:

I will do my best to keep them all up to date (at least weekly, if not more often than that).

To see any football club’s current schedule-strength chart, just click on the club name in the relevant alt-3 league table.

I will mention here just a couple of highlights from the current tables. (There is not much to say about La Liga at present, so the focus here will be on Italy and Germany.)

Serie A: Juventus are slightly ahead

In the official Serie A league table, Internazionale are ahead of Juventus on goal difference. But alt-3 takes proper account of the fixture schedule, and shows Juve slightly ahead at the top. The reason is (essentially) that Juve played both Inter and Lazio away from home in the first half of the season; whereas Inter played both Juve and Lazio at home. So Juventus have faced the tougher fixture schedule so far: and by the alt-3 calculation they are doing slightly better than Internazionale this season, up to now.

Schedule strength charts:

Bundesliga: Harder times ahead for Wolfsburg

VfL Wolfsburg have seen an uncommonly easy start to the second half of the season, with all four of their recent matches being against opponents from the bottom 6. Their 10th position in the official Bundesliga table flatters Wolfsburg: the alt-3 table, which takes full account of the fixtures already played, has Wolfsburg currently in 12th place.

Schedule strength chart for VfL Wolfsburg.