Arsenal doing better than Spurs in the 4-way scrap for 4th place

Of the four clubs vying currently for 4th place in the Premier league, Arsenal have had the toughest fixture list to date, and Tottenham Hotspur have had the easiest.

By the principled alt-3 calculation, the difference in schedule strengths between the two clubs is equivalent to 2.7 league points — enough to put Arsenal clearly ahead of Spurs in the current alt-3 league table, despite the fact that Spurs have one more point ‘in the bag’ than Arsenal after 17 matches played. The alt-3 table currently has Arsenal in 4th place and Spurs in 7th — an exact reversal of their current standings in the official league table.

A quick look at the two clubs’ current schedule strength charts explains that reversal:

Arsenal have played 9 of their 17 matches away from home, and will complete this first half of the season with two home matches. Spurs, on the other hand, have already played 9 matches at home, and their remaining first-half-season fixtures are away at Manchester City and Burnley.

(To see any other club’s current alt-3 schedule-strength chart, just click on the club name in the alt-3 league table.)