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At alt-3.uk we compute better league tables, for some of the most prominent European football (soccer) leagues.

This all comes out of some neat mathematics, as applied to “the beautiful game”. I hope you will enjoy it!

September 2017

A bit more

The league tables provided here are better because, during the football season, they are almost always more informative than the usual kind of table based on the number of league points gained so far.

Our league tables account fully, in a mathematically principled way, for the differences between teams’ match schedules to date in the current season. Some teams will have played relatively “easy” matches, and other teams relatively “tough” matches, purely as a result of the order in which matchday fixtures get allocated before the season starts. The alt-3.uk league tables show clearly which teams are actually doing better than their “points already in the bag” would suggest — and, in the same way, which teams are doing less well.

At the end of the season, of course, it is only the “points in the bag” that matter. The alt-3.uk tables are designed to respect fully the fact that there are 3 league points for a win and 1 for a draw. In particular at the end of the season, when each team has played all others at home and away, the alt-3 table will always agree exactly with the official league standings. At that point there simply cannot be a more informative table!

For full details, including the maths behind all this and various other background information, see About alt-3.uk.