Chelsea still within striking distance of 4th place

Although most of the current interest in the alt-3 league table relates to the relegation battle, there’s also a nice side-note to make about the contest for the important 4th place in the Premier League.

While Spurs might look to have it pretty much in the bag — because in the official league table they are currently 5 points ahead of Chelsea — it’s actually closer than that, once the two clubs’ remaining fixtures are taken into account.

Spurs will play 5 of their remaining 9 matches away from home, while Chelsea will have to travel just 4 times more this season.

When those facts are taken into account via the alt-3 algorithm, along with the positions of Chelsea’s and Spurs’ opponents in the remaining 9 matches, the upshot is a bonus of 1.0 league points for Chelsea but a small penalty of −0.3 points for Spurs. In the more informative alt-3 table, then Spurs are currently only 3.7 points ahead of Chelsea.

Schedule strength charts:

The two clubs’ head-to-head encounter at Stamford Bridge on 1 April looks set to be crucial!

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