First alt-3 table of the new season to appear October 2nd

Update 2018-10-06: I’m going to postpone the release of a new, improved way of showing the alt-3 table, for another few days at least. (I still have some more coding/testing to do on that.) But I’ll publish the first alt-3 Premier League table of the season anyway this evening, using the same format as last season. Some interesting stories there already!

Update 2018-10-05: Unfortunately the day job got in the way of my plans, and I didn’t manage to do the intended coding in time for the planned 2 Oct release date. Apologies to anyone holding their breath for it! I will get the alt-3 table out for this season’s Premier League in the next few days though, all being well.

I am working hard towards a few enhancements of alt-3 for the new football season. The results of that work will show up here soon!

I plan that the first alt-3 table of the new Premier League season will appear here on Tuesday 2nd October. At that point, 7 matches will have been played by each team — so there will be enough information by then to make a meaningful schedule-strength adjustment to the official league table.

Once the new enhancements are fully online for the Premier League, the next phase of development here will be to add some more leagues. I have in mind initially the English second division (the Championship) and Italy’s Serie A as the next leagues to be added.

When the new stuff appears, I’ll be sure to post about it on Twitter.