How to put an alt-3 icon on the home screen of your phone or tablet

Icons are available for use on all the major touch-screen platforms.

To put an alt-3 icon on your home screen, from some of the most common web browsers:

  • Firefox: From the Firefox menu, pick Page > Add to Home Screen

  • Chrome: From the Chrome menu, pick Add to Home screen

  • Opera: From the Opera menu, pick Home screen

  • Safari: Hit the share button in Safari (the little square with an up-arrow), and then pick Add to Home Screen.

You can of course add multiple home-screen icons if you want, linked to different pages of

Naming your icon(s)

Most web browsers seem to allow you to specify the label that will appear beneath your icon on your home screen. (For example, “alt-3” as above, or perhaps “Premier League”, or some other label that you choose to relate to the page that’s linked with the icon.)

Firefox on some platforms does not make it so easy. The trick seems to be to make a Firefox bookmark for the page you want linked, first. Then name the bookmark. Then add to the home screen.